It’s the quiddity of a childhood momory embracing the contents of sideboards found in every home. With it’s homogenous apperance in natural birch the user experience is directed towards the moment when the doors opens revealing it’s inner space covered with glowing copper, just as imagined during those childhood years.

*Quiddity – the nature or very essence of something.

As a part of our last bachelor courses at Bergen Academy of Art and Design we were given the opportunity to exhibit our own made furnitures at the Stockholm Furniture and Light fair 2013 in Sweden. This is the most important fair within Nordic design which showcases new designs from producers, professionals and young designers. All the products, the stand and handeling the press has been done by the eleven designers of KHiB (Bergen Academy of Art and Design). My task was to deal with the press and serve them with as much information as possible, whilst building the stand.

The stand is made from used/new sandpaper and wooden plywood. Used sandpaper can be seen and felt on the long ribbon across the entire wall. Also the floor and top of the counter has been covered with sandpaper to go with the theme.

‘Quiddity’ came from a childhood memory from when my mum collected all sorts of objects. As a child I found all these objects so fascinating, trying to find more hidden places filled with them. At one point the cupboards, shelfs etc with the most luxurious stuff in it was pinned down on a homemade map of our house. Even within her pockets lay great treasures to reveal. This is the reason for the glowing inner space of the sideboard, questioning our relationship to our objects. How come I saw all these things as something glorious, and my mother saw them as clutter?


Liza Fredrikke R. Christensen_DSC3966Liza Fredrikke R. Christensen_DSC3990


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