Bachelor exam in Furniture and Spatial Design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design

I’ve officially finished my bachelor degree in furniture and spatial design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Norway. The task went through two months focusing on restoring conservated buildings in Bergen. My chosen building was an old school dating back to the 1800′ build after the death of one of the greater tradesmen in this city. As this building sits near by one of the most visited tourist attractions my intention was to increase the quality and standard of the area. In ended up becoming a small scale hotel called ‘Tanks Hotell’ after the late tradesman. The hotel is divided into two categories. 1.How it is run on a daily basis  2.The interior and furniture

Tanks Hotell is run as a stopping point for the disadvantaged, focusing on people suffering with former substance abuse. As they have difficulties returning to normal work this hotel will be a place to build new routines making it easier to find work elsewhere on a later occasion.

The interior and furnishing takes it’s inspiration from the changing weather in Bergen. It’s a Nordic phenomenon where the spring breaks through the winter creating a few days of total sunshine in this otherwise so rainy city. This phenomenon has so much influence on the inhabitants and you clearly see a new approach to life and how to prioritize their everyday decisions. The main furniture is called ‘Rowe’ and is made in metal throughout.  The chassis has been bent in steel tubes, the frame in steel rods and the seat/back is made in stretch metal for a transparent and graphic impression. Everything has been tig welded for a more seamless finish and powder coated with a semi-matte black paint.




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